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Item Number: AW-6X-SYSTEM
Manufacturer: Allworx
Condition: New
Description: 6X Phone System And Server
Price: 795.95
Allworx AW-6X-SYSTEM


Product Description:

Designed for companies with up to 30 users, the Allworx 6x system is a state-of-the art communications system that integrates three essential business operations into one simple system. It is a feature-rich phone system, a robust data network system and a message center that substantially improves productivity. With the Allworx 6x costing less than $500 per user (for a 20-person business), you can have it all why compromise?

Finally you have an exciting, new communications technology that is designed specifically for small and medium businesses. The Allworx 6x provides enterprise-class features such as custom call routing, presence management, call center control, remote user access and site-to-site connectivity that delivers direct savings and productivity gains to your businesses. The Allworx 6x is a phone system that integrates VoIP with a fully featured PBX and Key system, providing amazing flexibility and power to the small business.

Phone System

The Allworx 6X is a fully-featured PBX and Key system that gives your company a polished professional identity and shows that your care about your customers.
Features like multi-site calling, remote users and an 8 seat built in conference bridge couldn't make business easier.
Allworx is a system that incorporates the new VoIP technology in addition to providing the current analog technology you have always used.
The Allworx 6X provides the simplest and safest bridge that makes it easy to cross over to new technology.
You will be able to install a phone system that has the technology and expandable features you will need for years to come.

Network System

The Allworx 6x combines all of your data needs into one comprehensive package that supports up to 30 phone users while networking your PCs, printers, servers and other peripherals.
The Allworx 6X network server controls and manages your PC networking systems.
The hardware inside the Allworx box is the most reliable and easy-to-use small business server on the market.
Everything is in one unit: PC network, firewall, email server, web server with fewer components, fewer failure points providing much easier administration.

Advanced Features

With our advanced features, your employees will be more productive than ever before, saving significant time and substantially increasing productivity by keeping all of your employees coordinated and on track.
No need to purchase expensive MS Exchange software.
If you need a simple email software tool, use Allworx or leverage your existing email client because Allworx is compatible with any POP3 email tool.

Manufacturer's part# 8200004,
Other variations, ALLWORX6X, 6X

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