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Item Number: GN-88011-99
Manufacturer: GN Netcom
Condition: New
Description: Smart Cord 7-foot Direct Connect
Price: 27.00
GN Netcom GN-88011-99


Product Description:

*Cord length 7-ft*

GN Netcom 1200 Smart Connection Lead

The Smart Cord is an interface lead between a telephony system and a standard GN Netcom headset. The Smart Cord incorporates an 8 position cabling changeover switch which enables the headset to be used with 90% of the telephones in use today.

A simple low current microphone amplifier has been added on Position 6, 7, 8 that gives an approximate 12dB signal gain to the telephone system. The amplifier circuit draws power from the telephone system.

7' Cable gives you plenty of room to move.

Simple Installation:

Put on the headset and remove the handset from the telephone. Move the system selector switch slowly through the settings until you hear a clear dial tone.

Place a call. Adjust the microphone volume control until the other party can hear you clearly. (1 to 5 are the softest, 6,7 & 8 are the loudest)

Adjust the headset volume by using the telephone volume control until you can comfortably hear the other party.


Q; Can the GN Smart Cord work on all telephones?
A; The GN Smart cord can work on most telephones in use today, however the telephone must be equipped with either a modular headset port or a removable handset fitted with a standard modular plug. Some older system phones will require the use of an amplifier such as GN 8210.

Q; Can the GN Smart Cord work with any GN Netcom headset?
A; Yes, it is designed to work with any GN Netcom professional headset fitted with a quick disconnect (QD). It does not work with headsets from other manufacturers.

Q; Do I have to adjust the GN Smart cord during use?
A; No, you only have to adjust the GN Smart Cord once during setup. Please see the instruction card for details.

Switch Settings

M-, R, R, M+ Most Standard Telephones
R, M-, M+, R Cisco IP Phones 79xx series
R, M+, M-, R Ascom Office & Philips Phones
M+, R, R, M- Japanese Phones, NEC, Nitsuko
R, R, M+, M- Plantronics Vista Base
M+, R, R, M- Panasonic Phones with modular plug
M-, R, R, M+ All Nortel Digital Phones & Avaya IP Phones
R, M-, M+, R Avaya Callmaster V & VI
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