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Item Number: GVMU2-REF
Manufacturer: Toshiba
Condition: Refurbished
Description: CTX28 4-port Voice Mail Card GVMU2
Price: 225.00
Toshiba GVMU2-REF


Product Description:

Toshiba CTX28 GVMU2 Integrated Voice Mail

4 ports (expandable to 6 or 8).
20 hours of storage or upto 1024 total messages), 40 mailboxes.
Includes soft-keys.
local RS-232 admin OR external modem required
Uses PBX battery backup
Auto attendant

An integrated voice mail circuit card solution, it is specifically designed for use with the CTX28 system using the intuitive keys on the handsets for set up and use.

The Strata GVMU is a cost-effective voice message solution that is designed for small businesses. It provides for 4 ports with a total of 20 hours of voice storage, allowing up to 1,024 messages.

It provides comprehensive Auto Attendant/Voice Mail capabilities, including:

4-Voice Ports
20 hours voice storage, allowing up to 1,024 total messages
40 mailboxes
GVMU has similar features and operation as the popular Stratagy IVP8, but includes one new feature exclusive to the GVMU and two features found in the more advanced Stratagy ES products:

Built-in SMDI through the backplane. No serial port required.
Voice Mail Call Monitor answering machine like operation to monitor and optionally
pick-up a call when someone is leaving a voice message.
Voice Mail LCD Feature Prompting with Soft Key Operation operates like Stratagy ES/iES32.
Call Record Enables the user to record live calls (operates like Stratagy ES/iES32)
Installs in a dedicated cabinet slot with SMDI integration built-in on backplane no other hardware is needed for interface or for its full set of features.
RS232 maintenance jack to connect an Admin PC or external maintenance modem.

Administration requires the GVMU XADM, 4.0 Administration Software. This is a new version of Stratagy Admin exclusively for the GVMU.
Pre-programmed with default mail boxes that match CTX28 default stations numbers, adding simplicity to any installation.

**To program additional features beyond the default settings, refer to Strata CTX28 Voice Processing Programming Manual and XADM4 Admin software.

As well as voice messaging, the GVMU2 also provides multi layer Automated Attendant functionality which means that the system answers incoming lines and lets callers route their own calls by entering a mailbox number or a single-digit menu. The user can also control some features, such as do not disturb and Call Screening.

Manufacturer's part#, GVMU2

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